Talk Counselling provides support to individuals, couples, groups and families both in Greater London and across the Uk.

Our service is broadly accessible providing face to face, online and telephone counselling.

We have a team of professional Counsellors/Therapists who together hold a wide range of skills and who facilitate a broad range of services. All our Counsellors/Therapists are fully insured and are registered with a governing body. We have a very diverse team, which enables us to support people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.


Talk Counselling aim to provide support for people who may be seeking focus in their life, those who may be suffering with mental health or those who just need to talk.

At Talk Counselling we believe

“Everyone deserves the chance to be heard”

We provide a safe and confidential space for people to share and explore all aspects of their life. We work professionally and follow strict ethical guidelines, which instils confidence in our clients, knowing they are being heard safely and responsibly.

Our service is not limited to in-house. We also provide Therapeutic Support and Advocacy in schools and hospitals, facilitating set programs for both children and adults. Our Counsellors/Therapists work with a wide range of modalities and therefore are able to provide a broad number of services.

Talk Counselling work with compassion and understanding and our goal is to empower people to attain their own strengths and to use their resources to enable them with the life tools of recovery and resilience.