Talk Counselling Workshops

At Talk Counselling we facilitate various workshops for people of all ages. These workshops have been created by Talk Counselling to assist people with everyday life experiences. They are designed to enhance Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. Providing people with the necessary tools to manage their life to the best of their ability and to achieve positive outcomes for themselves.


Talk Counselling have various workshops which run at any given time. To ensure you don’t miss out on any course you may be interested in then please use our contact page to request regular updates of available workshops.

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Understanding your emotions

This workshop has been developed to aid individuals to gain a better understanding of their emotions, how they affect their everyday life and how they can be managed. The workshop provides the individual with knowledge and understanding of the emotions we experience such as Anger, Sadness and happiness. The workshop provides tools and strategies that will allow the individual to be more confident in facilitating their own support.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Talk Counselling are running this workshop to support individuals who are struggling with their mental health. The workshop consists of lessons/exercises which help to build confidence, resilience and understanding of self. The workshop will explore subjects such as depression, anxiety, nutritional health and much more. The aim of the workshop is to empower the participant to be more in control of their understanding and management of their own mental health and wellbeing.

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Surviving Domestic Violence (DV)

This workshop is for both victims and survivors of DV.

This is a ten week workshop which informs individuals about DV. The workshop will identify the warning signs to look out for in regards to DV, it then moves on to the experience and effects of DV on individuals, on children and on the family as a whole. The workshop teaches safeguarding and informs individuals about their rights and measures they can take to enhance their safety. The workshop also looks into traits of an abuser, understanding and identifying them and much more.

This is a group workshop and it is run on a termly basis (terms decided by Talk Counselling)

Surviving Domestic Violence Workshop

Wellbeing Through Yoga - Coming Soon…

This course has been developed to give a Holistic option to healing and growth.

Yoga has for years been utilised as a form of exercise and wellbeing. Talk Counselling see the need for holistic methods of therapy as well as clinical ones. Wellbeing Through Yoga is a 30min – 1hour course which can be facilitated both face to face and online.

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